Visit Israel

Israel is a multi-layered, multi-cultural and multi-religious country, steeped in tradition, embracing just about every nationality and nuance. It is an advanced style democracy, scientifically innovative and enhanced, and its citizens are highly educated.

The travel time between Israel and most European capitals is within 2-5 hours, with many international airlines serving Israel, while nonstop flights from the USA or far east, can take as little as 10-12 hours, thanks to the Open Skies Agreement.
International access and direct flights are available at reasonable prices. Prior to Covid-19, Israel had approximately 9,200 incoming flights every month–operated by both full-service and low-cost airlines.
Many world congresses and exhibitions are held in Israel featuring internationally developed technologies in communications, computing, defense, medicine, agriculture and more.
With so many foreign business visitors, the tourism industry is adept at meeting international needs.